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ADVISORY | Transaction Consulting

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Comprehensive specialist knowledge, analytical skills and an in-depth understanding of economic relationships in business models are essential in transaction consulting.

Our transaction support offers you the following advantages:

Precise identification and assessment of risks & opportunities

Comprehensive transparency throughout the entire transaction process

High professional quality standards in all process phases


Transaction advisory services are complex, multi-stage processes aimed at ensuring the success of the acquisition or sale of companies. Potential target companies or transaction partners must be analyzed, evaluated and examined. The aim is to identify risks, recognize opportunities and thus optimize the value of the transaction.

But other business management services also include precise analyses of key financial figures, organizational structures, processes and key performance indicators. Only thorough analyses can identify strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and risks. They form the basis for economically sound decisions and efficient use of resources.


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We have decades of experience with individual and group companies with a wide variety of business models in the manufacturing, service and retail sectors.


We specialize in complex economic and legal situations:

We have process stability and standardized analysis tools.

We deliver realizable results.

Effective – Empathetic – Efficient