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In a large number of projects over many years, we have gained extensive experience of the special features, mechanisms, trends, opportunities and risks in various sectors. This experience enables us to offer tailor-made solutions as part of our services that meet the specific requirements and needs of our clients in these sectors. We are also in constant contact with experts with extensive industry and performance-related practical experience of new market and competitive developments.


The automotive industry in Germany stands for quality and perfected engineering. Current challenges facing the industry include the transition to electromobility, the development of autonomous vehicles and the integration of digital technologies into vehicles and mobility services.


The closely interlinked sectors are characterized by technological expertise and reliability. Current challenges lie in the increased integration of digital technologies in production processes, the switch to more sustainable production methods, but also in adapting to changing global market conditions.


The industry stands for quality, precision and sustainability. Current challenges include increased financing costs, the trend towards greater sustainability and digitalization, the shortage of skilled workers, cost increases for both building materials and labour and, last but not least, excessive regulatory requirements.


Retail forms the interface between supply and demand and serves to supply the population. Current challenges lie in digitalization and sustainability, supply chain management, skills shortages, personnel management and the ongoing adaptation to changing customer needs.


As the backbone of the economy, logistics stands for efficient, reliable and highly developed transportation and warehousing processes. Current challenges lie in sustainability, digitalization, the shortage of skilled workers, urbanization, (de)globalization and trade conflicts, as well as other associated security risks.


In addition, we have gained industry experience in other parts of the manufacturing industry as well as in the service and financial sectors through a large number of projects.